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How to be a Bookworm in a Digital Age – Apps & More

Reading is one of my favourite things. I try to read a book at least once a month but sadly, life gets in the way and realistically, its every two months. What does take up a lot of my reading space, is blogs and other articles. I am finding it increasingly difficult to make time for my reading.

There are some great books out there and I have read some truly intriguing stories by great authors. Over time, I shall share these with you. I make use of a few apps to enhance my reading experience. These are my recommendations.

Google Play Books

I love my Apple products but for reading digital books, I prefer Google Play, it’s much more affordable and the range of books you can access is much higher. I have been purchasing books on my Andriod tablet every month, building up my collection. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good paperback but realistically space is an issue and I cannot have hundreds of books that I only read once or twice.

For example, I am very dedicated to the Harry Potter series and I tend to re-read them at least once a year. I had physical copies of them when I lived overseas but getting seven very heavy books home was not a feasible option. So now I buy one new one on Google Play Books every few months until I have the whole collection again. This will make moving around much easier and I can have instant access to my entire library.

The Good Reads App

I have the Good Reads App on every single device I own. It is like Facebook but for books. You can find amazing book recommendations, list the books you have read or want to read and even find detailed reviews on nearly every book ever written. It is a great app to track your reading list and follow your friends.

Every year, a list of the best books comes out and I tend to shop that list for my yearly reads. They also help you set a reading goal for the year. I am not doing so well on mine, I am only 15% of the way… oops!

You can follow my profile here.

Digital Book Clubs

There are book clubs in nearly every neighbourhood on the planet but some people are not social butterflies so digital book clubs became a thing and there are some really great options out there.

I personally am not joined to one but every once in a while, Twitter will have Harry Potter Book Club sessions and they encourage public participation on various related topics. Good Reads has a forum which is used as a platform to discuss various books and there are a number of other options which you can find with a simple google search.

So that is how you survive as a bookworm in a digital age. I will still get my paperbacks every once in a while but the digital format is more cost-effective and becoming a fast favourite of mine.

Do you have any book recommendations? Let me know.

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