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Nourishing Nightly Winter Skincare Routine Using Bee Natural Products

After my last Bee Natural post, I was given the opportunity to try out even more of the product range. This time the focus was on skincare after cleansing. In my parcel, I got 6 amazing items which I shared on my Instagram Stories a while back.

It has been about 2 months since the parcel arrived and I can safely give my opinion on them now as I have thoroughly tested each product.

I only managed to photograph 4 of the 6 items but that’s ok because I can still share my thoughts. As I said above, these items were all after cleanse facial or body products. Except for the soap bar which is a cleansing product. The bar of soap is the only product I have not tested yet as I still have a bar open and I like to finish one before getting the next out.

Just a tip: using bars of soap is much better for the environment as you automatically reduce your plastic usage. I buy most of my soaps from Lush or markets and they are always wrapped in paper. Once home and in use, I leave the bar out to dry before wrapping it back up and packing it away. You want to avoid leaving it in wet spots as that is what makes them gross and slimy! Also, avoid rubbing it directly onto your body. The point of washing is to get rid of the dirt build up, you don’t want that on your soap. So rub your soap onto a cloth and use that to wash instead.

Most soaps can last up to 2 years if kept in dry and cool places. The best place to store unused soaps is in your linen cupboard. It keeps things smelling fresh and stays away from moisture.

Skin Tonic 100% Natural Face Oil

My face oil came in a pump nozzle instead of the standard pipet so I use one pump every evening after cleansing and toning my face. The recommendation is about 5 drops of the oil which roughly amounts to one pump anyway. The skin tonic is a scary looking yellow colour but once applied to the skin, does nothing but wonders!

What I loved most about this oil is that it doesn’t leave you feeling oily at all. It is highly absorbent and the skin soaks up all the goodness within about 3 minutes.

It is made up of jojoba oil (a firm favourite of mine), rosehip oil, argan oil, ylang-ylang essential oil and avocado oil, antioxidants, omega oils, Q10, elastin, collagen and retinol. The reason for the dark yellow colour is that the rosehip oil is unrefined, this is so much better for the skin and the colouring doesn’t do anything so bonus!

When I wake up in the morning, my skin literally feels as soft as a baby’s skin and I have a more youthful plumpness to the areas that have been looking a little older than I would like.

100% Natural Balancing Face Toner

I have always had a love/hate relationship with toners. Growing up my mom and step-mom would both buy the facial cleansing 3 step wash, tone and moisturise kits marketed to teens. Every time I would get excited and use them until I got bored and would skip the toning step. Then when I got a pimple I would smother it in toner not fully understanding its purpose.

Now as an adult I understand the importance of each step. Taking time to do each one is possibly the best part of getting ready for bed. I love the cleansing step and always include the toning step now too. It truly makes a difference.

The purpose of toning, in case you didn’t know, is to balance the pH of your facial skin and also helps to reduce the size of your pores, leaving skin looking radiant, refreshed and noticeably softer.

The Bee Natural toner is made up of apple cider vinegar, raw honey, pollen, propolis, distilled water and essential oils. Your skin won’t smell like vinegar for long. Once you apply your night cream or oil the smell disappears.

Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum Liquid Gold

This serum was amazing for the first few weeks of me using it but I sadly have really fussy skin so I started to break out. I decided to cut back and only use it every second day but I was feeling annoyed with my skin and passed it along to my friend.

My friend is one of those annoyingly lucky people who just always have perfect skin and never react to anything. She has been using it for a month and raves every time she sees me. She also looks younger every time I see her too. Annoying right?

I really did see good results when I wasn’t pimple cursed. My skin was plumper and age lines were visibly reduced due to said plumping. Without wishing my life away, I can’t wait for the time when I am older and I stop breaking out. I can’t wait to use richer, more hydrating products.

Because this is mostly made up of oils, it does solidify a bit in winter. It contains beeswax, non-irradiated raw honey, pollen, propolis, cold pressed avocado and sunflower oil, and anti-wrinkle essential oils: neroli, lavender, fennel, chamomile, geranium and carrot seed oil.

My friend 100% recommends this, so if you are one of the lucky ones, go out and buy it today!

Living Clay Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask

Someone should write a love song for face masks because I would sing it every day! I probably face mask around 2 to 3 times a week depending on my skin. If it has a few breakouts its about 3 times otherwise I love a good Sunday chill in the bath with a face mask on.

I was so excited when I saw this in my parcel and literally popped it open and smacked it on my face that very same day.

Many people who have reviewed it online have complained about the size and I initially thought exactly the same thing but the thing with a clay mask is not to smother your skin in it. You use it to target specific spots on your face. Your oilier T-zone or any place prone to breakouts are where you would focus this mask.

Bentonite Clay can be drying but because this is filled with so many other good ingredients, your skin won’t feel as dried out. It contains beeswax, non-irradiated raw honey, pollen, propolis, cold pressed avocado & sunflower oil, distilled water and the anti-wrinkle essential oils mentioned above.

This mask is gentle so you can get away with using it every day if you wanted to.

Bee Natural Body Butter – Vanilla and Cinnamon

This decadent body butter is so different from anything I have tried before. It isn’t a creamed body butter like you usually find. It is more solid but melts into your skin and keeps it richly nourished throughout the winter nights.

100% plastic free you can reuse it once empty. I have found as it is getting warmer, the body butter is much softer. Due to its melting point once rubbed on the body, it spreads so much further. This means you get more value for your money.

Final Thoughts…

I know winter is basically over but these products are just phenomenal. I will continue to use them come summer time. The dry winter skin will be gone but we will then be poolside and in the sun. The bee by-products within each of these beauty items will be equally as great for summers sun-kissed skin. I can bet my summer tan will last longer if I finish using these.

I know my eco-beauty posts have all been focused on Bee Natural but that is just the products I have had on my shelf for winter. Summer is around the corner so your recommendations are welcomed! Which beauty brand(s) should I try next?

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