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My Top Five Kitchen Tools for Summer Cooking and Catering

I love to cook and slowly, I am building up a proper arsenal of cooking tools. I have various kitchen tools, some I tend to use way more than others and some I hardly use at all.

I decided that I would share my top five kitchen tools for summer cooking and catering as we seem to do far more entertaining during this time.

These kitchen tools have been life-changing and made things much easier!

Pestle and Mortar

My Pestle and Mortar is my go-to for everything these days. I gave done some tasty herb and salt rubs for meats, a delicious chickpea dip as well as my very first attempt at pesto.

I accidentally bought whole dried rosemary once and Darroch hates it when I cook with it because he says it looks like cooked maggots (gross!) so instead of throwing them away, I grind it into a powder with some salt and pepper and sprinkle it over whatever I am making.

If I could recommend one, it would have to be the Yuppiechef one, it is 17cm so a whopper in size, its made from granite and it happens to be super affordable in comparison to other brands of the same size. You can order is here.

Hand Blender

A hand blender is a valuable kitchen tool for all seasons! In summer it mixes up salsa and hummus, and winter it is perfect for blitzing a variety of soups.

I used it to make copious amounts of hummus and bean dip. These are perfect for easy lunches and for entertaining a large group of people.

Zoku Ice-Lolly Moulds

Even though Darroch and I are fully-fledged adults, we both still love a cool ice-lolly after a hot meal. I bought us the Zoku moulds so we could regularly have fruit lollies.

We have yet to venture into homemade recipes or spiked lollies. For now we still just buy some nice fruit juice and make lollies out of that. This week we made Strawberry juice lollies.

Pizza Stone

Making pizza has become our speciality! I have a delicious dough recipe so we invite friends over for pizza nights, often! Not only does the stone make great crispy pizza, but it also makes crunchy loaves of bread!

Egg Timer

When entertaining, it is essential to be with your guests so having an egg timer in hand while chatting to friends is a must. It means you can step out of the kitchen but not lose track of time.

My egg timer was a Christmas gift and came in handy throughout the holidays!

These are the five kitchen tools that really helped me become a better host. What is your favourite kitchen tool?

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