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Pasta Alla Puttanesca using the Best Pantry Ingredients

The pantry is just one of my many happy places. It is home to all the little things that make a great meal. When opening the cupboard, I feel great comfort in seeing all my favourite foods in one place. Pantry meals are all the rage at the minute because we have to stay home as much as possible. It is better to only head to the shops every two weeks or less at the moment, so we find we live more from the pantry than ever before. I have been loving watching the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen ... Continue Reading

Listed: Pantry Essentials – How to Keep A Well-Stocked Pantry

October is the perfect time to start spring cleaning. This is exactly what I did over the weekend and came to find that my pantry is running vitally low on a few essentials. Usually, I am on top of my pantry and never running low, but since we have moved, my storage situation is so different. Before we had a full-length pantry and it was glorious, now our space is just a long narrow cupboard. The new space makes it hard for me to see what I am running low on. It is rather irritating, which ... Continue Reading