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Coconut Oil – An Essential DIY product for every Eco-Beauty Guru

It has been some time since I shared an Essential DIY product post... Oopsie, time just ran away from me but I thought I would quickly write up some of the best coconut oil tips for you all. I enjoy every form of coconut except when it is dried and sprinkled on cakes... yuck! But for beauty, it is a wonderful ingredient to have in your home, fresh or in oil form. Previously on the blog, I shared info on how to crack a coconut at home using two tools, eating it fresh is so good! Coconut Oil ... Continue Reading

Bee Natural Beauty Products Are Changing My Entire Life!

Natural beauty products are my thing, they have to be because I am allergic to nearly everything these days. I shared my skin story in my very first blog post because it was the catalyst that pushed me into this whole eco-friendly beauty lifestyle. If my skin hadn't flared up all those years ago, I would probably still be one of those carbon-copy beauty bloggers you see online today (no offence). Anyway, I have been using Lush Ultrabland Balm for years but as always, the price tag really ... Continue Reading

Non-GMO Seeds for the Perfect Veggie Garden & What to Do With Them

I have been obsessed with the idea of growing my own vegetables for some time now. It all started when I was given a slab of ‘Sow Delicious’ 100% Heirloom Exotic Tomatoes. I have been waiting patiently for July so that I can plant them. I had been browsing the selection of seed slabs on Faithful-to-Nature for a while to decide what else I wanted to grow, there are so many options. While looking through the seed selection on the website I found the ‘Reel Gardening’ seed company that ... Continue Reading

This is where to buy affordable natural products in South Africa

Affordable natural products are finally a reality. Before anything remotely holistic in nature had a scary price tag attached but thankfully an upswing in people using these products has made them more attainable to the everyday person. Some items will still be expensive, this is due to how they are made. Most natural products are batch made and not mass produced which ensures the quality and standards are upheld. Local business has started booming which has made way for more indigenous ... Continue Reading

10 Plastics To Give Up In Celebration of World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day everyone! This year, the focus is on ending plastic pollution. Plastic is a nightmare and is causing so much trouble in our environment. It is our jobs to combat this issue and I have a few recommendations for you. They are simple and easy ways to cut back on single-use plastic. Single-use plastics are really easy to avoid using. Some things may require a small investment but over time, it will be totally worth it. The best part is that if you just change one ... Continue Reading

Bentonite Clay – An Essential DIY product for every Eco-Beauty Guru

Hello and welcome back to my DIY beauty and health ‘must-have’ product series. Last time we discussed Activated Charcoal so today we will be discussing Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal’s best friend! They pair up really well together as both have very similar qualities but offer a few different perks. Bentonite clay is equally great for drawing out impurities and toxins but what it also does, is add minerals back into the body. Bentonite Clay Powder is made of aged volcanic ash and ... Continue Reading

Activated Charcoal – An Essential DIY product for every Eco-Beauty Guru

I have decided to do a series to share some of the wonderful items you can use for DIY beauty and general household chores. Most of the products have multiple uses so they make for a really great purchase. I have a whole box of different must-have items in my bathroom that either work as beauty items, cleaning or medicinal. There are some really useful items to be found on the cheap at your local Dischem or Clicks. Heck, you can even find them online. I will share all the best places to find ... Continue Reading