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Homemade Banana Bread with a cheeky Lemon Curd spread

Having bananas go bad is probably even better than just having them, it means you get to make Banana Bread which is oh so easy! I baked this recipe back in February, it has been sitting on my to-do list for ages. Then the world changed! Covid-19 has swept the globe and is causing untold amounts of damage, not just to those infected with the virus, but to family units, economies and all. Shortly after the first case of Covid-19 in South Africa, our government set up a plan and asked that ... Continue Reading

Apple Crumble Muffins – The breakfast snack everyone wants more of…

Apples, oh apples! My heart sings for desserts made with apples. Stew them, roast them, shove them in a pie, I will eat a cooked apple any way you serve it. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. When I first started this blog, I shared my apple crisp recipe, just before the start of Summer. Now as we edge our way to the start of Winter, warm apple fragranced with cinnamon and nutmeg is just what you want. My brother has been living with me and to make food go further, I ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Apple Crisp – A Delicious Treat, Perfect for Winter Nights

Can you feel it in the air? The chill is dissipating and the warmth is rolling in, Summer is well on the way. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Winter but only because I get to eat all the comfort foods without any guilt. One of those comforts is a cheeky Sunday pudding or a brownie for lunch... Yes, I actually did that the other day, I ordered a brownie with ice-cream for lunch. I carry no shame in admitting it! So as I said, it is starting to get warmer and darker later but there are still ... Continue Reading