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A Plastic-Free Grocery Store Has Opened in Johannesburg – Eco-Lifestyle Heaven!

The wedding bells have been ringing for some time now, not mine but two of my closest friends got married in the space of 6 weeks. I was honoured to be a bridesmaid at both weddings so my time became consumed with wedding related things, hence my absence.

During this time a very exciting thing happened, a plastic-free planet friendly grocery store opened down the road from me. I completely missed it. Thankfully, my friend had seen it while doing some last minute wedding errands and told me all about it.

As soon as I was free, I went to go take a look. It was like walking into an eco-friendly dream. Jars filled with spices, pulses and other delightful things lined from floor to ceiling. Golden honey sits glistening on the counter along with every kind of reusable gadget you can think of.

Located at Cedar Square in Fourways, the store is a hop-skip-and-jump from my little home. It happens to be the very first plastic-free grocery store in Johannesburg.

For some time now, I have been obsessing over glass jar lined pantries. If you do a quick search on Pinterest, you will find a massive amount of inspiration on how to convert your pantry into a plastic-free one.

That is my goal now. Every time I go to the shops, I purchase a glass jar or two and add it to my growing collection. These jars are for all of my herb and spices, pulses, pastas and more.

The most exciting thing about the Refillery is that they encourage you to bring your own glass jars. If you don’t have, you can purchase from their selection or use one of the paper bags they have.

Sam and Dom Moleta are the proud owners of the store. It all started for them when they decided to take part in Plastic-free July. They managed to get through the month avoiding their chosen plastics and decided to do more. They quickly learned how hard it was to shop plastic-free at your everyday grocery store. It was this revelation that inspired them to sell their home, cash in their savings and invest everything into opening the green grocery store.

“We strongly believe we don’t need a handful of people doing Zero Waste perfectly but rather a million people doing it imperfectly. We don’t care much for your lifestyle choice whether you are vegan, a health guru, nut lover or chocoholic we simply want to change the way you shop.”

For now, they only offer pantry staples, plastic-free cleaning products and zero waste lifestyle products. They hope to introduce fresh produce as soon as they have tested the market. I have to admit, I am rather excited!

All images were provided to me by the Refillery, take a look at their beautiful store in the gallery below.

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Isn’t it just wonderful?! So there you have it, if you are Joburg-based, you can now start shopping plastic free. Aside from the opening of their flagship store, they also offer online orders. You can find out more on their website here or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

We are off on another adventure soon, visiting Swaziland, Durban – Umhlanga and the Drakensberg so stay tuned for more travel posts about South Africa.

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    Trish Apr 12, 2019 (10:09 pm)

    Thank you for a great blog!

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    Jody Walters Apr 15, 2019 (9:05 am)

    Pop in to see our Zero Waste Shop….in Ballito
    Unit 15,
    Gregory Park,

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