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Homemade Pizza Using A Pizza Stone + Pizza Stone Care Tips

What started as a pizza craving has turned into a total lifestyle change. I can’t remember how it actually happened, I think it was because I had seen it on TV but I got this idea of making pizza on our gas braai.

We wanted homemade pizza so we set off to the local gas braai store to see if they could help. They had the Megamaster Grill Pizza Stone for R280.00, which is a freaking bargain!

We then went to Spar and bought way too many toppings. It was all a lesson. Firstly, you don’t need to buy a million toppings to make delicious pizza! Secondly, don’t skimp on cheese. Pizza is literally just about the dough and the cheese.

So let’s talk dough, the first time we made the pizza, we bought dough from Spar. Then the next time we made pizza was for our house warming, and there was no stock of pre-made dough, so I had to make it myself. The homemade dough was more work, but the taste was sensational!

The recipe I have for you makes around 5 to 6 medium pizzas and will count as a gym session (thus making the pizza and all the cheese justifiable)

Check out the dough recipe below. I am not going to fuss over the toppings so much. We all have our favourites. I generally just throw whatever I have prepared on and hope for the best.

My all-time favourite combo is caramelised red onion with rocket, crispy bacon and melted brie. You can’t go wrong with this. Pop me an email or comment below on which toppings I should try next.

Here is the deal about the Pizza Stone… Many companies will have an option and they all basically do the same. As I mentioned above, we bought the Megamaster Grill Pizza Stone. The marked up one you see below is about 5 months old and the white one is brand spanking new (well it was before this post).

Pizza Stone

We bought the new one from Builders and it was R320.00. A little more than the first one but still reasonable. You seriously don’t have to be a brand snob here, just get yourself a good ceramic one and you are set. The ceramic will ensure even heat distribution which will ensure a crispy base with a nice soft, puffy crust.

Two stones seem to be the right amount; I would recommend you get two as it just makes the flow of cooking a pizza much easier. Before when we only had the one, I would share my slices until Darroch’s pizza was ready, now we can eat at the same time.

Pizza Stone Care

  • Always place your stone in the oven (or gas braai) before heating the oven. The stone needs to heat gradually with the oven and cannot be put into a hot oven from room temperature; it will crack!
  • Do NOT wash your stone with soap or any form of detergent. The stone is highly absorbent and will pull in any chemicals which will, in turn, end up in your next pizza. Just wash it with warm water and a rough sponge.
  • It is ok to scrub your stone. I leave it to soak in a sink of hot water to loosen the baked-on cheese and flour then use a rough sponge to scrub it clean.
  • Your stone is supposed to look like a cheesy piece of art. Just make sure any risen pieces of food have been removed and don’t stress too much about the rest.
  • You can sand your stone every now and then using the finest sanding paper you can find. This is only necessary for stubborn bits of cheese.
  • Once you have finished using your stone, leave it to cool down with the oven. Once again, you don’t want to drop the temperature to fast. PS: only clean it after it has cooled down.
  • The stone can be used in an oven as well as on a gas grill. Basically anything that can behave like an oven.

Also make sure you have an even distribution of labour, I usually make the dough and Darroch rolls the pizzas out. Then when it comes time to put the pizza in the oven, I am in charge of the oven door, and Darroch gets the pizza in and out of the oven.

Pizza Stone

I hope you enjoy making your very own homemade pizza, I promise you will never order another delivery pizza again!

PS: You can freeze this recipe, just let it rise then portion it out into single servings, wrap in clingfilm and freeze for up to three-months! We do this when we just have pizza for the two of us.

With My Love,

Easy, Tasty Pizza Dough

Prep Time: 45 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Yields: 5 - 6


  • 4 and half Cups - Organic Plain Flour
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 Packet - Instant Yeast
  • Half Tbsp - Sugar (or Honey)
  • 2 Tbsp - Olive Oil
  • 375ml Warm Water


  1. Heat oven to 200°C
  2. Add yeast, oil, sugar and warm water to jug and set aside
  3. Sift flour and salt together, create well in the centre
  4. Once yeast has started foaming, gradually add it into the well of flour, mixing until dough can no longer be mixed with spoon.
  5. Flour hands and start kneading dough until flour and yeast mixture fully combined in bowl
  6. Flour surface and proceed to knead pizza dough for 10 minutes or until smooth, shiny and bouncy
  7. Roll into ball, rub surface with olive oil and store in warm space for 30 minutes
  8. After 30 minutes, separate handfuls of dough into smaller balls.
  9. Flour surface once again and start rolling out pizza rounds
  10. Add tomato paste and build up pizza toppings. Cook and enjoy!

Additional Info

It is really important to make sure you don't kill your yeast. Make sure your water is lukewarm before adding it to the yeast, too hot and the dough will be tough and dense.

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