Nourishing Nightly Winter Skincare Routine Using Bee Natural Products

After my last Bee Natural post, I was given the opportunity to try out even more of the product range. This time the focus was on skincare after cleansing. In my parcel, I got 6 amazing items which I shared on my Instagram Stories a while back. It has been about 2 months since the parcel arrived and I can safely give my opinion on them now as I have thoroughly tested each product. I only managed to photograph 4 of the 6 items but that's ok because I can still share my thoughts. As I ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Apple Crisp – A Delicious Treat, Perfect for Winter Nights

Can you feel it in the air? The chill is dissipating and the warmth is rolling in, Summer is well on the way. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Winter but only because I get to eat all the comfort foods without any guilt. One of those comforts is a cheeky Sunday pudding or a brownie for lunch... Yes, I actually did that the other day, I ordered a brownie with ice-cream for lunch. I carry no shame in admitting it! So as I said, it is starting to get warmer and darker later but there are still ... Continue Reading

Self-Care Sundays are the Best Way to Get Ready for a New Week

Sundays are my favourite day of the week. Yes, I know Monday is right around the corner but Sundays are the days I use to get myself ready for the new week. It is important to take time out for some well deserved "me time". Once a month is a good place to start but, add more frequency into the mix until you find a balance that works for you and your lifestyle. I like to do a self-care day once a week, usually on Sundays. It is a simple thing to do. It's easy to spend a Sunday in bed ... Continue Reading

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – Book Review

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is an incredible book about a man's tragic journey to the art underworld and how it unravels his entire life. The book is based on a beautiful painting of a finch by Carel Fabritius. I was incredibly lucky to see it in real life. Here is the not so short story... It is quite a serendipitous tale... In October 2016, while I was living in the UK, I was visiting my mom in Bristol. During one of our days out, I found the book in a charity shop. They sold it for £1.00 ... Continue Reading

Spier Winemakers Sundowners Event in Westcliff, Johannesburg

The annual Spier Winemakers Sundowners event was hosted at a private residence in Westcliff, Johannesburg this year and it was a real treat! There was no launch, it was just an event to give people the chance to meet the winemakers at Spier. I had a great chat with Jacques Erasmus, the white winemaker. Jacques is the man who created the 'oh-so-delicious' Creative Block 2. "A harmony of tastes and flavours, assembled from a handful of vineyard blocks, the 2014 vintage brought home the ... Continue Reading

Coconut Oil – An Essential DIY product for every Eco-Beauty Guru

It has been some time since I shared an Essential DIY product post... Oopsie, time just ran away from me but I thought I would quickly write up some of the best coconut oil tips for you all. I enjoy every form of coconut except when it is dried and sprinkled on cakes... yuck! But for beauty, it is a wonderful ingredient to have in your home, fresh or in oil form. Previously on the blog, I shared info on how to crack a coconut at home using two tools, eating it fresh is so good! Coconut Oil ... Continue Reading

The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan – Book Review

Book reviews always leave me a little daunted. I always feel like I have to say things that a literary expert would but I am not a literary expert. You won't find me criticising the tone of a book or the authors writing style. Mostly it will just be reasons why I liked a book, which, 9 times out of 10, I always do. They also say, never judge a book by its cover, but I mostly do. I will consult GoodReads to be sure I am not wasting any money but I am always drawn to the colourful and detailed ... Continue Reading

How To Treat Bruxism Using Vitamins and Tinctures

Bruxism is a maddening ailment! Anyone who has ever experienced it will tell you just how horrible it can be. Some people don't even know they are doing it until their dentist tells them. It can be caused by stress or anxiety and is very common, more common than you could imagine! I have been following multiple YouTubers, many of whom suffer from Bruxism. For them, it is easy to go to the doctor and get botox injected into their jaw muscles. They all rave about how it works but have to go ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Asparagus and Mushroom Barley Risotto – A Vegetarian Comfort Meal

Comfort food is one of the best perks to a cold winter. Thick saucy stews, flavourful soups and mouth-watering risottos are big favourites in my home. I have always been pretty good at one pot dishes, that is why this Barley Risotto is such a firm favourite. It is deliciously simple to make and requires only one pan for everything. By using Pearl Barley, you get access to a number of benefits you wouldn't get by using regular risotto rice. It is high in fibre, potassium, folate, and ... Continue Reading

Bee Natural Beauty Products Are Changing My Entire Life!

Natural beauty products are my thing, they have to be because I am allergic to nearly everything these days. I shared my skin story in my very first blog post because it was the catalyst that pushed me into this whole eco-friendly beauty lifestyle. If my skin hadn't flared up all those years ago, I would probably still be one of those carbon-copy beauty bloggers you see online today (no offence). Anyway, I have been using Lush Ultrabland Balm for years but as always, the price tag really ... Continue Reading