Festive Cherry and Litchi “Home-Made” Mampoer for a Boozy Christmas

Ok so it isn't actually mampoer, it's just the name the family has called it every year. This is a festive tradition that Darroch and I have adopted from his late father last year and now plan to do each year in his memory. The mampoer is basically just cherries and dark rum, and litchis and vodka stored away so the fruit becomes deliciously boozy. The alcohol in turn becomes flavoured by the fruit. In December last year we only made a jar of litchis but this year we decided to start a ... Continue Reading

Homemade Pizza Using A Pizza Stone + Pizza Stone Care Tips

What started as a pizza craving has turned into a total lifestyle change. I can't remember how it actually happened, I think it was because I had seen it on TV but I got this idea of making pizza on our gas braai. We wanted homemade pizza so we set off to the local gas braai store to see if they could help. They had the Megamaster Grill Pizza Stone for R280.00, which is a freaking bargain! We then went to Spar and bought way too many toppings. It was all a lesson. Firstly, you don't ... Continue Reading

Delicious Sausage Egg Cups – Bite-Sized​ Breakfast Delights

Egg cups are my go-to for feeding my boyfriend Darroch, healthy breakfasts. As he works at the local airport, he has many options to stray from healthy eating if he doesn't have a good meal on hand. Egg cups, also commonly known as egg muffins, are easy to whip up and store for breakfasts throughout the week. After months of playing around with them, I have figured out the very best techniques, tools and flavour combos to make the perfect egg cup. Our go-to flavour combination is ... Continue Reading

Hi, My Name is Tyler & I am Obsessed with Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is my kitchen hero, the one I turn to without fail and can never get enough of listening to. I follow him on every social media platform and watch all the cooking shows he releases (including the YouTube shorts). One of my kitchen goals in life, is to own every single cookbook he publishes. Starting from his Naked Chef days, whenever it is Christmas or my birthday, I ask family to gift me which ever book I am missing. As a Christmas gift to myself last year, I bought his ... Continue Reading

DIY Blanket Ladder for under R250 – The Perfect Weekend Craft

Pinterest is filled with all kinds of home style inspiration. I am honestly pinning things every day, always on the look out for that next bit of inspiration. A few months ago I came across a pin of a blanket ladder and fell in love with the idea. Naturally about 20 pins that followed were of different blanket ladders and DIY projects related to making your own. I waited until we moved and then planned to make my very own blanket ladder. The reason I decided on a DIY version instead of ... Continue Reading

How To Easily Recycle At Home – Learn To Manage Your Waste

Recycling at home is not as daunting or labour intensive as you might think and once you get the hang of it, it is basically effortless. 2018 was the year for me to get more eco-friendly conscious. I didn’t exactly make it a resolution, just more of an intention and I am proud to say that the year ended off with me having achieved a great deal in that instance. At first, I wasn’t quite sure where to start at home and so I decided to make a more conscious effort in buying right. ... Continue Reading

Our New Home and Easy DIY Projects to Make Your Home, Homely

Phew! Moving is absolutely the least fun thing to do, that compiled with our moving drama has honestly put me right off writing for the longest time. Get a cup of tea because we have some catching up to do. It all started when our lease was up for renewal a few months ago and we were um'ing and ah'ing about whether we should stay in our one bathroom flat or find something bigger. While the pro was the rent was great, the con was that we only had one bathroom. We started looking but couldn't ... Continue Reading

A Plastic-Free Grocery Store Has Opened in Johannesburg – Eco-Lifestyle Heaven!

The wedding bells have been ringing for some time now, not mine but two of my closest friends got married in the space of 6 weeks. I was honoured to be a bridesmaid at both weddings so my time became consumed with wedding related things, hence my absence. During this time a very exciting thing happened, a plastic-free planet friendly grocery store opened down the road from me. I completely missed it. Thankfully, my friend had seen it while doing some last minute wedding errands and told me ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Delicious Bean Dip, Perfect for Parties and Snacks During the Day

Summer is the best time of year and it is so much easier to snack rather than eat heavy meals. I love slicing up some cucumber, peppers and carrots, serving them with a bit of bean dip and sitting on the patio soaking up the sun. I found this bean dip a few years ago and wrote it down in my little pocket recipe book for safe keeping. Every time there is a summer party and a dish is required I offer to do a veggie platter with this delicious dip. It is a real crowd pleaser! The recipe ... Continue Reading

Epsom Salt – An Essential DIY product for every Eco-Beauty Guru

It has been some time since my last DIY essentials post but I am excited to pick up with Epsom Salt today. Epsom salts play a big role in my life and beauty regime. Once a month a deep, detoxifying soak is exactly what the body needs. Whether you have a build up of toxins in the body due to unhealthy eating or from stress, a good soak in the bath can make you feel so much better. Epsom Salt (ES) is not actually a salt, it is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and ... Continue Reading