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Hi, My Name is Tyler & I am Obsessed with Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is my kitchen hero, the one I turn to without fail and can never get enough of listening to. I follow him on every social media platform and watch all the cooking shows he releases (including the YouTube shorts).

One of my kitchen goals in life, is to own every single cookbook he publishes. Starting from his Naked Chef days, whenever it is Christmas or my birthday, I ask family to gift me which ever book I am missing.

As a Christmas gift to myself last year, I bought his holy-grail Christmas cookbook. It is one of the most extensive books he has ever released and contains every recipe you could need for the festive season.

The other day I came to the realisation that I can no longer keep up with Jamie. He just released his Veg cookbook and I told myself I can no longer get new ones until I cook more of the recipes in the collection I already own.

This led me to decide that if I cook at least ten recipes from each book, then I will be allowed to get a new Jamie Oliver cookbook for Christmas. The problem is, I have seven cookbooks to work through.

Naturally, I found a little loop hole in my restriction. I have to cook ten things, that includes recipes I have already made in the past. I can also cook multiple meals for one course; so mains, salad and dessert can all be done for one sitting and count as three. Below is a list of my collection to date:

  • The Naked Chef (1)
  • The Return of the Naked Chef (2)
  • Happy Days with the Naked Chef (3)
  • Jamie’s Kitchen (4)
  • Jamie’s Dinners (5)
  • 5 Ingredients
  • Christmas Cookbook

I have favourites from each book and recipe adaptions too. For example, in 5 Ingredients, the Peachy Pork Chops have been tried but my boyfriend didn’t like the peaches so I tried it a second time with fresh apples and it was a hit.

Stay tuned to the blog as I plan to do quite a few of my favourite meals ala-Jamie leading up to the festive season.

With My Love,

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