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Festive Cherry and Litchi “Home-Made” Mampoer for a Boozy Christmas

Ok so it isn’t actually mampoer, it’s just the name the family has called it every year. This is a festive tradition that Darroch and I have adopted from his late father last year and now plan to do each year in his memory.

The mampoer is basically just cherries and dark rum, and litchis and vodka stored away so the fruit becomes deliciously boozy. The alcohol in turn becomes flavoured by the fruit.

In December last year we only made a jar of litchis but this year we decided to start a few months in advance and make both the rum cherries and spiked litchis.


It is far too simple, in fact, I feel like it is dangerously simple to make these. You just need large sterilised jars, a bottle of your preferred vodka and rum and as many litchis and cherries as you can afford (because both are so flipping expensive!).

To sterilise your jars, fill them with hot tap water, so the glass becomes hot. Then pour out that water and add boiled water from the kettle. This is just to prevent them cracking. Leave them to sit while you work on your fruits.

Peel the litchis and place them aside. Also cut the tips of your cherry stems and place them aside. Once that is done, empty your jars and place the fruit in each one.

Pour the alcohol over the fruits and seal the lid. Move them to a dark, cool space to keep for a few days, weeks or months. The longer you wait the stronger the fruits become.

After a week, make sure to open the jar to let the gasses from the further fermentation, escape. Do this each week until you start using the fruits.


I know your next question is what to use these for. Well, they make for a good sipping drink on the rocks. Or a deliciously simple cocktail, just add lemonade. The rum from the cherries is perfect for a boozy trifle and you can also have some boozy ice-cream if you reduce the rum and cherries with a bit of sugar.

Stay tuned, I will share some of the recipes using these two delicious boozed fruits. Also, let me know what your festive family tradition is.

With My Love,

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