Epsom Salt – An Essential DIY product for every Eco-Beauty Guru

It has been some time since my last DIY essentials post but I am excited to pick up with Epsom Salt today. Epsom salts play a big role in my life and beauty regime.

Once a month a deep, detoxifying soak is exactly what the body needs. Whether you have a build up of toxins in the body due to unhealthy eating or from stress, a good soak in the bath can make you feel so much better.

Epsom Salt (ES) is not actually a salt, it is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. It helps reduce inflammation and helps improve muscle and nerve functions.

Epsom Salt Uses:

Stress Reduction and Sleep Aid.

The body needs magnesium to function so adding Epsom salt to your bath helps to replenish its levels within the body. The magnesium and sulfates are very easily absorbed into the body which is why they work so fast.

When stressed, magnesium is easily depleted from the body which means there is more adrenaline pumping through your body, thus increasing stress and irritability. The absorption of these minerals purges the body of excess toxins and relaxes muscles. These factors mean your body holds less tension and enables you to sleep more peacefully.

Sore or Stinky Feet.

As we mentioned above, Epsom salt aids in relaxing muscles so sore feet love a good ES soak. It also helps with neutralising foot odour. It also softens the skin so feet feel smoother and look healthier even after just one soak.

Soaking your feet in this way also helps prevent athletes foot or work to rid toes of mild funguses. Most websites recommend soaking 2 to 3 times a day but once a day until the problem has lessened or been effectively treated is also good. A half a cup of salts is perfect.

Health Benefits.

Epsom Salts are great for the body as they prevent the hardening of arteries and prevent blood clots. It does all this by improving the bodies blood circulation. This will also work to heal bruises faster.

As it is a great external anti-inflammatory, Epsom soaks will also alleviate symptoms of gout in joints.

Beauty Benefits.

Epsom salts make a great body exfoliator. The key here is to buy a finer salt rather than the larger crystals. Add them to an oil of your choice and massage in a circular motion on wet skin and then rinse off. The same can be done for a face exfoliation as this will remove dry skin and dislodge blackheads.

Home and Garden Uses.

Much like most of the DIY products I have shared here before, Epsom Salt is equally as useful in the home and garden. It makes a great tile scrub mix 1:1 salt and dishwashing liquid to scrub stubborn tiles.

It helps clean detergent build-up in the washing machine. Most machines have a wash cycle specifically target at cleaning the tub, select this and add a cup of Epsom Salts to the machine to do a thorough clean.

In the garden, sprinkle it around shrubs to prevent slugs and snails. It is also great for making your grass greener, a household plant fertilizer and as an insecticide.

One litre of water with two tablespoons of ES is great for the grass. As for plants, a light sprinkle of ES once a week will be very beneficial to their health.

Where to buy Epsom Salt.

Most stores will have various brands of Epsom salt. I buy mine from Faithful to Nature or Dischem, depending on who has the best deal. You would also be benefitted by buying a Lavender essential oil to add to the water along with the salts. This helps with relieving stress and adds a lovely smell to the mix.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Please note as Epsom Salts contain magnesium, consult your doctor before practising any of these suggestions if you are already taking the mineral. There are risks to being exposed to too much magnesium so the human body should not absorb more than 350mg per day.

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