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An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Blog is Blossoming! – Welcome to ‘With My Love’

Hello world, welcome to this new adventure with me. My name is Tyler and I have been on a personal journey to change my life into a well-rounded, eco-friendly one for some time now. I was challenged to share everything I have been learning and hopefully inspire others along the way.

All my life I have looked at natural living as an expensive, unattainable lifestyle, and that was true for many years, but not anymore. Where price does sometimes come into play, mostly the products and lifestyle options have become very affordable for the average person.

Over the last three years of my life, I have slowly been making small changes that make big impacts on the world around me. It was this last year though, that I made the biggest changes.

How It All Started

My journey started because I was having bad reactions to deodorant. Out of the blue, after using regular deodorant for my entire life, my body just flared up one day and said “Nope! This ain’t for me”.

At first, I suffered through the irritation and obvious inflammation, but then it became difficult to wear anything that touched my armpits and I started to see the skin under my armpits discolour and start getting darker.

That immediately put me into action. Naively I went to my local Dischem and bought myself a lovely bottle of sensitive spray deodorant. Obviously, that didn’t work either so I moved on to roll-on. Nope! Feeling desperate I stopped using deodorant all together in the hopes that I could just get the pain to go away and start all over again.

The reaction did go down but I was left with dark armpits and a box filled with half used deodorant products. I started googling ways to lighten the skin of your armpits and that is when I found an entire world of DIY beauty tricks.

I even found websites that recommended natural deodorant so I ran on down to my local health shop and spent a large sum of money on a product I was convinced would save me.

It didn’t! It was overpriced and under-delivered. I was utterly discouraged and spent weeks whining in my poor mother’s ear. Thankfully, at the time I had a massive obsession with Lush. I wasn’t obsessed because of its ethical practices but more about the fact that everything was so pretty and it smelt like what I imagine a rainbow would smell like.

One day, while there spending large amounts of money on bath bombs, a saleswoman approached and asked if I needed help. I tried my luck and discussed my armpit struggles. She said she had the perfect solution for me.

Low-and-behold, there in her hand was the answer to all my struggles. A bar of natural(-ish) deodorant that really saved my sanity. The woman gave me a sample to try out at home and within a month I was back to buy a whole slab!

I use the stuff daily and have been doing so for years now.

Making the change

The deodorant thing was basically the “straw the broke the camel’s back”, from there I realised the chemicals in these everyday products were obviously bad enough to cause me pain and discomfort.

I have always been pretty conscious of animal cruelty and switched to cruelty-free products years ago but then world opened up to me and I realised there are many other small changes that could be made daily to help better the planet.

I assessed my carbon footprint and I didn’t love what I saw. So now life is car-less, single-use plastics are so last season and all my beauty choices are well thought-out and analysed before making firm choices.

But why am I blogging?

Well, I am a writer by trade and my job helps me inspire many people. I put in lots of effort my personal lifestyle choices and when talking to people, they always feel it is so hard to make ethical choices. It really isn’t once you start.

So I decided to drum up this little eco-friendly lifestyle blog to show people that small changes are the easiest to start with and they make a big difference. We all sit and think, “but I am just one person, how can my changing make any difference?” and you would be right, your one opinion on using sustainable straws instead of plastic ones won’t make a huge dent in the plastic problem. But… Sharing your opinion will make a change, by educating your family and friends, you inspire a handful of other people to do the same and all of a sudden, your choice isn’t just yours, its more people and they go on to inspire others and the change spreads. That is how we make a difference.

By you changing just one thing, you really do make a difference! That is why I am here. To share all the incredible changes I have made that are super easy. If you like any of them, you will change them too and so the positive change grows.

What you can look forward to:

I have a massive list of things to share with you! There will be stories about cooking wholesome food on the cheap and growing a sustainable GMO-free veggie garden in your home. I have DIY Beauty tips coming out of my ears and all the products needed can be found in your home or purchased at really affordable prices at regular stores. Book reviews will be a regular and we might even sneak in some travel stuff as well.

In return, I would love to hear your tips and see how you live your life. There is always room to learn and why not start right now?

I look forward to taking you on this journey with me and I hope that it helps us both blossom into better earth warriors and beauty gurus!

With My Love,

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