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Cheap and Super Easy Smoothie Packs For Breakfast in a Snap

Smoothies are a go-to breakfast in our home. I have shared my egg cup recipe which we also do regularly, so when we don’t have egg cups, we have smoothies.

The problem with smoothies is that fruit, especially berries, can be quite expensive and they don’t seem to last long. It is infuriating when you buy stuff and then after a week it’s all fuzzy.

I prefer to make smoothie packs and freeze them. This means there is always something in the freezer to make a smoothie with.

Food Lovers Market do some great weekly specials for fruit combos. Two weeks ago, I got a packet of bananas, a quarter watermelon, a pineapple, a paw-paw, a punnet of blueberries and a punnet of strawberries for R59.00. That’s an actual steal!

At home, I chopped everything up into smaller pieces. I split the fruits into three packs, a berry and banana smoothie, a tropical smoothie (pineapple and paw-paw with banana) and a mixed fruit one (a mix of all the fruits).


To make the smoothies I make sure to always have milk and double thick yoghurt in the fridge. I also add moringa powder into each one because it has so many health benefits.

If you want to know what specials Food Lovers has, sign up for their newsletter. It pops into my inbox every Wednesday. As soon as it arrives, I rush through to our local Food Lovers to get the deals I like before they sell out. They sell out pretty fast!


What are some of your best smoothie combos? I usually enjoy berry ones but am very open to new suggestions.

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