Our New Home and Easy DIY Projects to Make Your Home, Homely

Phew! Moving is absolutely the least fun thing to do, that compiled with our moving drama has honestly put me right off writing for the longest time. Get a cup of tea because we have some catching up to do.

It all started when our lease was up for renewal a few months ago and we were um’ing and ah’ing about whether we should stay in our one bathroom flat or find something bigger. While the pro was the rent was great, the con was that we only had one bathroom. We started looking but couldn’t find the right place so we decided to notify our agent that we would extend the lease.

Well, we were in for a shock and found out our little home was being put up for sale. Not a big deal, it just meant we had no choice but to find something new. We started househunting and were disappointed time and time again by agents never returning emails or calls, to houses we loved being snapped up by companies able to pay a years rent in advance, to the ultimate blow, the one we loved most being unlisted as a rental and listed up for sale instead. I told my boyfriend we had to be cursed!

Thankfully we were able to move our lease over to month-to-month basis until we could find something perfect. Then we found our home. The relief was unimaginable, we gave our notice and I started slowly packing up our home.

The month flew by though and before I knew it we needed to be out and I had hardly packed anything. The stress of the move nearly broke my spirit and it definitely didn’t do any good for my immune system which was shattered. I then spent a good solid week and a half recovering from a very bad cold.

But anyway I am fully recovered and have spent all of my free time planning and doing DIY projects.

Sidetable Makeover

When I first moved to Johannesburg, my cousin gave me a set of old bedside tables he no longer had use for. Needing all kinds of furniture, I gladly accepted them. They are Coricraft so naturally, a great quality. I have had them for over two years now and have always wanted to make them over. I just never knew what look I wanted.

Moving into our new home I was struck with inspiration! Well, let’s say, Pinterest provided loads of inspiration. I finally decided to paint my side tables… dark green!

I googled local paint companies (because local is lekker!) and found Granny B’s Chalk Paint. The company is based right here in Johannesburg and their paint selection is wonderful. I found their prices really competitive compared to other brands and quickly placed an order online.

I had a slight hiccup with my order and my payment wasn’t allocated to my order but I contacted the team that same day and they sorted everything out for me. I would recommend creating an account on their website just to avoid any hiccups.

The very next day my order arrived, this completely blew me away. The service was impeccable and as a “sorry for the mix-up” they threw in a classic seal for my DIY project. Legends!!! They instantly earned a customer for life in me.

I then went to the shops and bought a plastic tarp (which I will be using for all projects going forward) and some other tools as one of the draws needed repairing. I set everything up and got painting.

The paint I bought was a 500ml GI Jane and as it was so dark, with good painting I was able to do two coats on my draws and three on the body of the side table. The 50ml classic seal was enough to do one coat over the draws once I was finished painting and curing them.

As they recommend on their website, one coat of seal is enough for items that are decorative, a few more coats are needed for “high-traffic” items. I will need to buy an extra seal and do a few more coats to protect the tops of the tables. I even had enough paint left over to paint our bedroom mirror.



Our bedroom is missing loads still, I need to get some lamps, we want a nice dark wood headboard and we need a carpet. As we are renting we can’t paint the back wall, which leaves the room looking a bit off balance. We are hoping a headboard will fix that. All will happen with a little saving and DIY.

Once they were painted I didn’t want to put the old draw handles back on. At the Linden Market, there is a Knob-Lady. She makes and sells unique doorknobs. I knew she would have what I wanted and she did!

I plan to do one DIY project a month, spending no more than R500.00. On months where I can’t do a project for that amount, I will save the money until I can afford to do more expensive projects. For example, I really want a TV unit for our room but that won’t happen until I have saved enough to buy a second-hand unit that I can spruce up.

I would also love to spruce up a glass front china cabinet, my granny has a beautiful set for me that I would love to display. But that is a final project, something I will have to save up for some time.

This month I will be building a blanket ladder, I am very excited about it, I have already ordered paints for the next few projects. You can see all the inspiration for upcoming projects on my Pinterest here.

If you would like to support a local paint company, you can order Granny B’s Chalk Paint here. I also have a 10% discount code for you, it is “WithMyLove

With My Love,

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