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DIY Blanket Ladder for under R250 – The Perfect Weekend Craft

Pinterest is filled with all kinds of home style inspiration. I am honestly pinning things every day, always on the look out for that next bit of inspiration.

A few months ago I came across a pin of a blanket ladder and fell in love with the idea. Naturally about 20 pins that followed were of different blanket ladders and DIY projects related to making your own.

I waited until we moved and then planned to make my very own blanket ladder. The reason I decided on a DIY version instead of buying a pre-made one is that the cheapest one on the market is R449.00 from Coricraft.

By doing an estimate costing, I was able to budget that it would cost me less than R250.00 to make one myself.

This is how I did it…

I started by ordering some chalk paint from Granny B’s. I got a 50ml Daffodil and a 500ml Hurricane Grey to complete this DIY project. The Hurricane Grey is also for a number of other projects which is why I bought such a big one but a 125ml will be perfect for this project.

Builders Warehouse was the next stop; they cut your wood for you thus saving you the effort. I got three beams of pine wood: 32mmx32mmx1.8m and the had one of the beams cut into 36mm bits, making five rungs for the DIY ladder. I also purchased wood screws, 4x50mm are perfect for this wood size.

With everything done for me, I got home and started the assembly. Using Steel-bond glue, I stuck the ladder into place so I could drill the screws in. It is important to glue before you drill as it just makes handling the ladder much easier.

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Once everything was secured in place I got to painting. I wanted to have a colour tipped ladder so that it added a pop into the lounge. Mostly our lounge is dark colours with a few light blue and mustard yellow throw pillows.

While I was painting my ladder I worked on a few other projects too so stay tuned as those will be featured here soon.


The final result was really pleasing and I even got a nod of approval from my interior design challenged boyfriend.

Below is a list of what you will need for this project:

  • 3x Wooden Beams (1x cut into five equal pieces)
  • 10x Wood Screws
  • Chalk Paint of your choice
  • Paint Brush
  • Wood Glue or some form of bonding glue
  • A drill (with a 2mm to 3mm bit)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil

I ended up spending R237.00 in the end. The wood cost me R132.00 and the screws were R15.00. The paints cost me around R300.00 including delivery but I have enough for multiple projects so I estimated I used around 100ml so factored in that my cost was around R90.00.

All other tools were already in my possession so I didn’t budget those in. If you do not have all the tools above, see about borrowing from friends or family so you don’t need to take on the expense.

I want to make two more of these ladders, one for our bedroom and one for the guest room. I am going to play around with materials and shapes next.

Let me know if you plan on making one of these for your home and which colours you plan to use!

With My Love,

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