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Sustainable Christmas Wrapping & DIY Cards for Family

Christmas is the best time of year but sadly commercial Christmas Wrapping paper and cards can be quite bad for the environment. The materials that go into making some wrapping paper mean it’s not always accepted for recycling. It is often dyed, laminated or contains non-paper additives. These additives include things like gold and silver coloured shapes, glitter or plastics, which can’t be recycled.

So this year I decided to go the eco-friendly route and buy only sustainable supplies. While out shopping, I visited a local craft store and asked for brown paper. The craft store sold brown paper in very large sheets, about 2m by 1m. Three sheets were more than enough to wrap all the gifts for my family.

I also bought a beautiful thin rope with gold running through it, easy to reuse. I plan to collect it all up once the gifts have been unwrapped and save it to make Christmas decorations next year. The last thing I purchased was 10 sheets of nice thick card stock. It is an untreated natural paper that can easily be recycled. Knowing my family, they will probably keep the cards because handmade items hold more meaning than store-bought.

I ventured onto dafont.com to find a nice font to draw onto my cards. dafont.com offers free fonts for non-commercial uses so it is easy to use for personal projects like this.

In total, my Christmas wrapping crafts came to only R52.00, much cheaper than buying commercial items. With a little bit of time management, I have been able to get the cards finished with enough time to spare.

Going this route is not only better for the environment, but it is also cheaper overall. A really clever idea is to create small decorations and use them as name tags. This creates a personalised gift within itself.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, sending you all my well wishes.

With My Love,


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