The Benefits of the Menstrual Cup and how it has Changed My Life

Let's talk periods... If you are feeling squirmish then you should probably click away this very moment. But, I hope you stick it out because it is hella important to be more open and honest about periods. We have been taught to keep it a secret and whisper about it only when completely necessary but I say screw that! Periods have been happening since the beginning of time whether you believe it happened with a big bang or by someone's will, as long as a woman has been on this planet... ... Continue Reading

10 Plastics To Give Up In Celebration of World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day everyone! This year, the focus is on ending plastic pollution. Plastic is a nightmare and is causing so much trouble in our environment. It is our jobs to combat this issue and I have a few recommendations for you. They are simple and easy ways to cut back on single-use plastic. Single-use plastics are really easy to avoid using. Some things may require a small investment but over time, it will be totally worth it. The best part is that if you just change one ... Continue Reading

An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Blog is Blossoming! – Welcome to ‘With My Love’

Hello world, welcome to this new adventure with me. My name is Tyler and I have been on a personal journey to change my life into a well-rounded, eco-friendly one for some time now. I was challenged to share everything I have been learning and hopefully inspire others along the way. All my life I have looked at natural living as an expensive, unattainable lifestyle, and that was true for many years, but not anymore. Where price does sometimes come into play, mostly the products and lifestyle ... Continue Reading