Recipe: Delicious Bean Dip, Perfect for Parties and Snacks During the Day

Summer is the best time of year and it is so much easier to snack rather than eat heavy meals. I love slicing up some cucumber, peppers and carrots, serving them with a bit of bean dip and sitting on the patio soaking up the sun. I found this bean dip a few years ago and wrote it down in my little pocket recipe book for safe keeping. Every time there is a summer party and a dish is required I offer to do a veggie platter with this delicious dip. It is a real crowd pleaser! The recipe ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes with Grilled Organic Brahman Steak

Not sure if any of you are feeling the pre-summer slump but boy I cannot shake my winter weight. Granted, I am not really doing anything serious about it but still! I turned to the Keto diet for help. It worked for a little while but the thing nobody is talking about is if you stop... all the weight comes right back with a vengeance. Anyhoo, I found myself at the Bryanston Organic Market to do an interview for work and ended up shopping my heart out. I had about 3 kilos of tomatoes from our ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Apple Crisp – A Delicious Treat, Perfect for Winter Nights

Can you feel it in the air? The chill is dissipating and the warmth is rolling in, Summer is well on the way. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Winter but only because I get to eat all the comfort foods without any guilt. One of those comforts is a cheeky Sunday pudding or a brownie for lunch... Yes, I actually did that the other day, I ordered a brownie with ice-cream for lunch. I carry no shame in admitting it! So as I said, it is starting to get warmer and darker later but there are still ... Continue Reading

Recipe: Asparagus and Mushroom Barley Risotto – A Vegetarian Comfort Meal

Comfort food is one of the best perks to a cold winter. Thick saucy stews, flavourful soups and mouth-watering risottos are big favourites in my home. I have always been pretty good at one pot dishes, that is why this Barley Risotto is such a firm favourite. It is deliciously simple to make and requires only one pan for everything. By using Pearl Barley, you get access to a number of benefits you wouldn't get by using regular risotto rice. It is high in fibre, potassium, folate, and ... Continue Reading

Setsong Tea – Indigenous Tea from Limpopo Filled with History & Heritage

Setsong tea is a locally made brand featuring indigenous teas. The teas are harvested in rural Limpopo which helps develop the economy and create jobs within rural South Africa. Over 5 decades and multiple generations have consumed these teas. They have passed down the knowledge, heritage and history. Every purchase of the tea contributes to social upliftment. Which is obviously incredible! I purchased three of the teas a while ago and have loved them. My favourites have been the ... Continue Reading

How to Crack Open a Coconut using 2 Simple Home Tools

Fresh coconut can be a really delicious treat or used to make your own coconut milk. Buying it whole is much cheaper than buying it from the shops pre-cut and ready to eat. Recently I popped into Food Lovers and they had a special, 2 for R25 which is a bargain if you ask me! If you are buying fresh coconuts in South Africa you will probably find them still slightly covered in their hairy coir fibres. Tear off the fibres to reveal the coconut shell underneath and chuck the coir fibres into ... Continue Reading