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Bee Natural Beauty Products Are Changing My Entire Life!

Natural beauty products are my thing, they have to be because I am allergic to nearly everything these days. I shared my skin story in my very first blog post because it was the catalyst that pushed me into this whole eco-friendly beauty lifestyle. If my skin hadn’t flared up all those years ago, I would probably still be one of those carbon-copy beauty bloggers you see online today (no offence).

Anyway, I have been using Lush Ultrabland Balm for years but as always, the price tag really got to me. I LOVE the stuff, don’t get me wrong but when I saw the Bee Natural deal on Faithful-to-Nature, I couldn’t pass it up. I needed to buy a new cleansing balm anyway and the special was only R100.00 more than my usual Ultrabland so I decided to give it a try.

Who would pass up 5 full-size products for the price of one? Not me! The brand is proudly South African, natural, vegetarian and palm oil free!

Sadly the special is no longer available but the products are still available for individual purchase. This is what the box consisted of:

  • Luxurious Cleansing Balm
  • Rich Rehydrating Face Balm
  • Head 2 Toe Healing & Beauty Balm
  • Gentle Face Scrub with Honey & Rose Absolute
  • 100% Pure Natural Lip Balm

Bee Natural

I am loving every single product! I thought I would do a mini review on each item to give you an idea of what to expect should you wish to purchase one (or a few).

Luxurious Cleansing Balm

This is my night-time treat, honestly! Cleansing my face has become the favourite part of my routine. Before a bath or shower, I squeeze a little bit of the liquid balm into my hands and then do a face massage. I let the product melt my makeup away and then hop into the bath or shower and wipe the excess off with a clean cloth.

It is filled with so many great oils, vitamins and antioxidants that it leaves your skin feeling nourished and glowing. It contains beeswax, raw honey, pollen, propolis, cold-pressed avocado oil, sunflower oil and lavender oil.

The combination of ingredients is perfect for sensitive skin too which is a must. The beeswax, avocado oil and pollen work to lock in moisture, provide essential nutrients and protect your skin while the raw honey opens up your pores which allows for a good deep clean. Propolis is an antibacterial dream machine and helps to prevent blackheads and pimples. The lavender oil is a natural anti-inflammatory so it works to combat any flare-ups you might have plus it has great calming qualities.

Rich Rehydrating Face Balm

If you are interested in natural anti-ageing remedies then this product needs to be included in your daily beauty routine. Because of its rich rehydrating qualities, I only use this at night time and then, only every second day. While my skin is starting to need anti-ageing treatment, it is still prone to breakouts so I find, I need to ease into richer products.

As soon as a product contains ingredients like retinol, collagen, elastin, Q10 and jojoba, you can bet they price point skyrockets but thankfully, this balm is still really affordable. It contains these age-defying ingredients plus the usual raw honey, beeswax and so on.

I have the 100ml jar and can see that it is going to last a very, very long time. Spend a good 2 to 3 minutes massaging the face balm into your skin (circular motions always).

Head 2 Toe Healing & Beauty Balm

Let me just start by saying, that this stuff is worth its weight in gold (and then some). I was suffering from a particularly nasty ingrown hair that just wouldn’t go away. In an effort to purge the ingrown, I applied a bentonite clay poultice to draw out the impurities and after, applied the healing balm. Within two days (after months of suffering) it was cleared up and healing.

It is also great for dry soles and elbows. If you get any kind of burn that doesn’t require a trip to the emergency room, insect bites, eczema or rashes, this will help clear it up pretty quickly. It’s an all in one miracle cream and a staple in my medical kit.

According to Faithful-to-Nature, it is also great for breastfeeding mothers, people having tattoo removal and even thrush.

Gentle Face Scrub with Honey & Rose Absolute

This very gentle sugar scrub smells like heaven in a jar! I am not a fan of rose scents but for some reason, I just can’t stop smelling it. You get a nifty little wooden scoop in the jar which helps to get the scrub onto your hands. At first, when I smelt it, I was worried it might cause a reaction but it has no chemical fragrances, only rose absolute, which is perfect for sensitive skin.

I usually apply this after I have cleansed, while my skin is still wet. Then gently scrub any dead skin and blackheads before rinsing. The scrub helps balance your skins ph levels which aids in even-toned, radiant skin.

100% Pure Natural Lip Balm

This is my new favourite lip balm. It is really rich and nourishing. It tends to leave a thicker than usual layer on the lips but then you don’t need to reapply as often as you would a conventional lip balm.

The smell is something I have experienced at some point or maybe in a past life, I can’t put my finger on it but has this pollen-like nostalgia. The balm also contains an SPF15 (carrot oil) so it is a good thing to have on hand for sunny days too.

It’s 100% petroleum free and contains only beeswax, honey and propolis. As with all the other products in the range, it has incredible healing properties. If you have cracked lips, a cold sore or my personal nemesis, Angular cheilitis (when the corners of your mouth crack, become inflamed and bleed), it heals it right up.

So those are my thoughts, have you ever tried any of their products? What have your thoughts been? There are so many other products to try so I will purchase those too and get back to you.

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  • comment-avatar
    Megan May 8, 2019 (11:08 pm)

    Where can I buy in MESA Arizona? Or can I order? I have Eczema bad on my hands. Someone from South Africa told me about this product.

    • comment-avatar
      Tyler Leigh Vivier May 9, 2019 (7:58 am)

      Hey Megan,

      Have you tried to contact the company directly to see if they can ship internationally?

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