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Roasted Butternut Hummus – The Perfect Snack for Healthy January

Hummus is an incredibly versatile recipe and can be adapted to fit whatever you have in your fridge. To embrace healthy eating in January, I made a roasted butternut hummus. We have all had the classic hummus but there are so many various options out there to make your hummus even more delicious. I have seen shops selling red pepper, beetroot, avo and jalapeno variations over the years. Pick n Pay does this vegetable combo deal where you get an option of four different vegetables for ... Continue Reading

My Top Five Kitchen Tools for Summer Cooking and Catering

I love to cook and slowly, I am building up a proper arsenal of cooking tools. I have various kitchen tools, some I tend to use way more than others and some I hardly use at all. I decided that I would share my top five kitchen tools for summer cooking and catering as we seem to do far more entertaining during this time. These kitchen tools have been life-changing and made things much easier! Pestle and Mortar My Pestle and Mortar is my go-to for everything these days. I gave done ... Continue Reading

International Bloody Mary Day a.k.a Global Hangover survival guide!

So as you may have guessed the world as a whole feels hungover after celebrating the new year. So it would make absolute sense that the number one "hair of the dog" hangover cure gets its very own day on the 1st of January. The Bloody Mary has always been a favourite cocktail of mine. The love started when I was about 6 or 7 and started flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg for school holidays. Having seen movies and adults order Tomato Cocktail on flights, I thought it was the fanciest ... Continue Reading

Refreshing Summer Ginger Beer, A Perfect Poolside Drink

Johannesburg has been knocked by heatwave after heatwave and it wasn't even officially summer. Now that it actually is summer, I am so nervous about how much hotter it could get! Don't get me wrong, I love summer, I would much rather be hot than cold as for me, it is easier to cool off than warm up. During my Jamie Oliver cooking challenge (which I have yet to complete) I made a few stunner recipes and the one that came in handy during the unwavering heat was his easy peasy ginger ... Continue Reading

Homemade Pickled Radishes – Fast Results, Ready in Less Than 1 Hour

With every second drawing closer to Christmas and the festive season, my time seems to be slipping. My brain is so ready for a good long holiday sipping cocktails in my pool. I have been so focused on cooking for my Jamie Challenge, I have not had a spare moment to write for the blog. Don't worry though, by the time this year is up I will have cooked 70 new recipes so I will have (and do have) a few in my pocket to test. Also, I am on holiday from the 13th of December to the 3rd of January ... Continue Reading

First time making fudge – it was a success!!! I tried Amarula fudge – YUM!

Growing up, my granny used to make fudge during the school holidays. It was one of my favourite things to do with her. I was too young to get involved as it wasn't safe but she let me sit by and watch, passing the ingredients she needed. To this day, fudge is one of my favourite sweet treats. It is hard to find nice fudge, nobody puts the effort in anymore. I bought Horlicks fudge from a market in the Spring and it was chewy and bouncy, not how real fudge is meant to be. Recently Foodies ... Continue Reading

Tomato and Basil Homemade Focaccia – A Delicious Starter

Darroch and I love homemade pizza, we often make it but I am always left with additional dough. Thankfully, my recipe is freezable so I just roll it into a ball and pop it in the freezer until it is needed again. The other day we had a last-minute braai with friends so I hauled out two balls of frozen dough and let it defrost. I then made delicious focaccia as a starter. I personally love garlic and butter focaccia that is super thin and crispy. I crack some salt and pepper over it and ... Continue Reading

Cheap and Super Easy Smoothie Packs For Breakfast in a Snap

Smoothies are a go-to breakfast in our home. I have shared my egg cup recipe which we also do regularly, so when we don't have egg cups, we have smoothies. The problem with smoothies is that fruit, especially berries, can be quite expensive and they don't seem to last long. It is infuriating when you buy stuff and then after a week it's all fuzzy. I prefer to make smoothie packs and freeze them. This means there is always something in the freezer to make a smoothie with. Food Lovers ... Continue Reading

Listed: Pantry Essentials – How to Keep A Well-Stocked Pantry

October is the perfect time to start spring cleaning. This is exactly what I did over the weekend and came to find that my pantry is running vitally low on a few essentials. Usually, I am on top of my pantry and never running low, but since we have moved, my storage situation is so different. Before we had a full-length pantry and it was glorious, now our space is just a long narrow cupboard. The new space makes it hard for me to see what I am running low on. It is rather irritating, which ... Continue Reading

Festive Cherry and Litchi “Home-Made” Mampoer for a Boozy Christmas

Ok so it isn't actually mampoer, it's just the name the family has called it every year. This is a festive tradition that Darroch and I have adopted from his late father last year and now plan to do each year in his memory. The mampoer is basically just cherries and dark rum, and litchis and vodka stored away so the fruit becomes deliciously boozy. The alcohol in turn becomes flavoured by the fruit. In December last year we only made a jar of litchis but this year we decided to start a ... Continue Reading