What is ‘With My Love’?

With My Love is a blog dedicated to sharing helpful information about treating the environment better without compromising a certain lifestyle. This is a personal blog where I plan to share my journey to live a positive and intentional lifestyle.

I believe that saving the environment is more than just recycling. It is about making active choices each day, learning new things and being mindful in every minute of the day.

I want to share ideas on how to live holistically. This is about self-care and so much more. Taking care of yourself is the first step to being able to take care of the planet and environment around you. It all starts with small changes and this blog will hopefully help inspire those changes.

These are my adventures in eco-friendly living. I hope you will join me on this journey!

We are not above nature. We are a part of nature. - Eco Warrior Princess

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Tyler Leigh Vivier, I am 27-years old and this is my little space on the internet.

I am a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been blogging and writing professionally for over 7 years sharing helpful information, positive stories and now posts dedicated to bettering the environment around us.

My day job and this blog will run together perfectly. I am a copywriter for the number 1 good news website in South Africa, sharing positive and uplifting stories to inspire people. My favourite subject on the website is environmental features. So naturally, it felt right to make the cross-over to this website.

Let’s get a little more personal shall we?

Favourite Things: Harry Potter is my greatest obsession! Reading – Fiction is best. Netflix bingeing. Cooking Shows. Anything grey and mustard coloured. Soft and comfy blankets. DIY face masks.

Favourite Foods: Mexican cuisine. Pasta. Every kind of tea, especially loose leaf. Did I mention Gin? Garlic!

Pet Peeves: Wasted Food. Packaging. People that litter.

What to expect from the blog?

I have a massive list of things to share with you! There will be stories about cooking wholesome food on the cheap and growing a sustainable GMO-free veggie garden in your home. I have DIY Beauty tips coming out of my ears and all the products needed can be found in your home or purchased at really affordable prices at regular stores. Book reviews will be a regular and we might even sneak in some travel stuff as well.

In return, I would love to hear your tips and see how you live your life. There is always room to learn and why not start right now?

I look forward to taking you on this journey with me and I hope that it helps us both blossom into better earth warriors and beauty gurus!

I am committed to sharing tips that will help you lead a great life without compromising on your values.